Ephixa - Ideekay

Televisor - Pinup

"For you Makorra shippers: Mako’s scarf is all he has left of his dad, and he doesn’t feel safe without it, but he let Korra borrow it last week. Aww…" - gomtuu123

Noisia & The Upbeats - Dustup

It’s finally here! :D :D

Feint - Laurence

Project 46 feat. Andrew Allen - Reasons (Radio Edit)


This is a problem with my Inner Game, but I really need to get this off my chest, because it really grinds my gears….

Why do women ignore texts?! I know you saw it and it won’t hurt my feelings if you say “no”. That’s just rude.  -_______-

Seven Lions - Polarized (feat. Shaz Sparks) 

Glad to see one of my favorite producers in the spotlight!

Seven Lions - Isis

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[DnB] - Feint & Boyinaband feat. Veela - Time Bomb